WinClip 3.0.4 Beta
Added :

Create Direct show Audio/Video Splitter
Gadget : prefered Icons bar in full screen
Server / client. Channel list can be uploaded directly from the client
H264 || AC3 working now in client mode
Subtitle for orange cinema channels
Display subtitle in EVR
Packet size plugin can be setup (menu setting->options)
Ratio size player. can be setup (auto - 4/3 - 16/9)
Ratio size stream. can be setup (auto - 4/3 - 14/9 - 15/9 - 16/9 - 2.35)
Disecq microsoft BDA
Disecq TurboSight QBox BDA
Separate codec selection for Audio MPEG/AC3
EVR mode play file
Keyboard shorcut need now CTRL or SHIFT + key
Fixed :

Epg parser
Channel name in client mode
Crash during scan
Remove ratio player swicth on each channel change
Crash on graphical subtile
Remove vobsub management
Remove load graph option
RepaintWnd mode NoVmr and Haali renderer
Remove push source or Majoor Push source management
Always on top option with media skin
EVR resize during player resize
Mouse icon flashing in full screen in same cases
Windows schelduler windows 7
Many little things saw since 2 years...